Transfer matrix mode solver with multidimensional root tracker, enables automated waveguide parameter search. Bespoke MATLAB code.


Photonic crystal fiber mode calculations using multipole method. CUDOS MOF utilities code. Dispersion & mode area vs diameter for tapered fibers.


High-performance computing architectures for machine learning. Optimal exploitation of optical interconnects.


Optical engineering. Ray tracing using own codes and Zemax. Micro-optics, high-order aspheres, conics. Tolerancing.


Hardware instrumentation in MATLAB and Python. Driver interfaces. GUI. Closed loop control.


Coupled-mode nonlinear pulse propagation Python numerical codes. Plasma & higher-order Kerr nonlinearity. Experimentally validated spatially-resolved spectrum.


Spatio-temporal focusing of ultrashort pulses through multiply scattering by frequency-resolved phase conjugation.


Waveguide analysis (tapers / dispersion / coupling) using finite difference time domain (Meep) and multipole method.


Writeup of my current work in Wired.